Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers

20151021 community garden

Here a few of the Upper School students who worked in the community garden during Quaker Community Day. Not pictured:

Ten bags of tomato plants ready for composting, a dozen more tired students, the peck of [ok, unpickled] peppers picked for CARES (the local food pantry where all the produce generated by this garden is donated) and the garlic they planted. And now, with November’s warm spell, you can see the garlic shoots getting in some end-of-season growth. See you in the fall (or check out the community garden table at Holly Fest on Sat. Nov 21)

Time to get dirty in the Friends Community Garden

These pictures and the details below come from the Community Garden webpage on http://www.Friendsbalt.org. You can donate time or money to this project; you’ll be joining a great group of students and community members who care for the space, beautify our campus, and provide fresh vegetables to the CARES pantry.

Purpose of the Garden

  • Educating students and their families about the connection between growing food & healthful eating
  • Sharing community activities between the School and the Meeting
  • Caring for the earth and its resources
  • Involving students in creative, productive, hands-on outdoor activity
  • Providing a role model and opportunity to learn from other school and faith communities
  • Supplying nutritious, fresh food for our neighbors served by the CARES food pantry
Again, many more details about the garden, including volunteering details, can be found on the Community Garden webpage.